Understanding and Direction

– Dan DeVitis A Personal Testimony Luke 24:45 “And He opened their understanding (minds), that they might comprehend the Scriptures.” Two elements of faith, understanding and direction, have governed my spiritual walk since I first encountered the reality of Christ in 1972.  Never could I be satisfied with simple explanations of our faith but rather set my whole heart …

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Learning to Sit

– Dan DeVitis Learning to rest in Christ must precede our spiritual walk. While sharing at a Sunday service recently, a book by Watchman Nee came to mind: Sit, Walk, Stand.  You may be familiar with it. This book was gleaned from the Book of Ephesians.  What in particular came to mind was the absolute necessity for …

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Tis Grace

– Dan DeVitis Among many ministers, there seems to be a fear, or reluctance, to preach a message much beyond that of the real saving grace. Messages may abound on love, patience, forgiveness, and other qualities of good Christian character, but the messages pertaining to saving grace are the ultimate, for it brings the greatest …

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– Joseph Rozario (Bangalore, India) by UFSM FEBRUARY 08, 2018 IN UNCATEGORIZED NO COMMENTS 463 RETURNING TO GOD’S ORIGINAL PURPOSE Joseph Rozario Bangalore, India Whatever God created, He created each one of them with a definite purpose, be they animate or inanimate beings and things. There was nothing He created without a definite purpose. In that method of creation, …


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