Pressing towards the mark

“I press towards the mark (goal) of the upward call of God.”  Phil. 3.14.

The meaning for the word for “mark”or “goal” is from the Greek word skopos, which is the root of the English term, “scope,” like the zoom-scope on a rifle used to hit the target – it is the “end-marker” of a foot-race; and (figuratively) the unique glorification of body, and of purpose and function the Lord awards to each believer at His return (cf. Phil 3:11,14).

Has today’s Church missed the mark?  Is it living up to its purpose, function, and calling of Christ?  How may the Church, as the Body of Christ, fulfill its calling to prepare a people for the Kingdom of God now and for the age to come?

Location:  Bongiorno Conference Center  430 Union Hall Road, Carlisle, PA  17013


Salvation of the Soul- Dan DeVitis

Returning to God’s Original Purpose- Joseph Rozario

Realizing the Complete Victory in Christ- Julius Midodo

Living in the “is” of God- Gary Simmons

Enoch Walked with God- George Gelewski

Therefore Let Him Who Thinks He Stands, Take Heed, Lest He Fall- James Koser

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