November 5-7, 2021 (Fri – Sun) – Carlisle, PA (USA)

Theme : The Calling, Function and Purpose of the Church!

As revealed in Ephesians 4.11-16

With today’s technology, the world has been made a smaller place and more closely connected.  On the other hand, pandemics, religious intolerance, incompetent narrow-sighted governments, wars, and persecutions, have been tearing the world apart, and in particular, it has affected the Church. 

The Church is in the midst of this chaos.  It is a time of tribulation. It seems all is working toward tearing the Church apart, sapping its power, and rendering it incapable of fulfilling its purpose. It is viewed by the world as being weak and insignificant.  If there is a time in all of history for the Church to rise up and fulfill its calling, its function, and its purpose as the Body of Christ it is now.

The Mystery of Christ, Dan DeVitis

Purity of the Light, Gary Simmons

Spiritual Warfare-Our Calling, George Gelewski

Church Leadership, James Koser

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